About Lee

Lee Harris Leads in the Tennessee General Assembly.

In 2014, Lee Harris was elected to the State Senate, becoming the youngest senator in the state of Tennessee. Other Democratic senators selected him as Senate Minority Leader, making him the first African American leader of the state senate in Tennessee history.

Lee Harris has championed the causes of Tennesseans. 

Among his legislative initiatives, he has pushed for treatment coverage for persons with sickle cell, a condition that plagues communities across the state; advocated for new laws to protect children from abuse; fought for expansion of recycling and environmentally-friendly practices in state government; championed new laws to reform our criminal justice system; helped create system to ensure immediate public notification if lead is found in drinking water; and worked to expand community college scholarships for students with learning disabilities. 


Before the Tennessee General Assembly, Lee Harris Led on the Memphis City Council.


Prior to the 2014 election, Harris served on the Memphis City Council. Among other accomplishments, Harris was a leader in the fight for a new citywide non-discrimination ordinance. He led the charge to preserve and redevelop city museums and historic structures in Victorian Village, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. When Kellogg management failed to deal fairly with its Memphis workers, he joined the picket line and camped out in front of Memphis’ Kellogg plant to draw attention to the injustice. Finally, in an effort to expand pedestrian and motorist safety, he has worked to improve streets, sidewalks and bike paths.


Lee Harris Supports Our Issues, Our Values, Our Priorities.


Throughout his political career, Senator Harris has been an unwavering voice for neighborhoods, gun safety, environmental protections, broad anti-discrimination laws, respect for reproductive freedom and privacy, and a strong middle class. He was won numerous awards because of his work in politics and government, including selection to the prestigious Aspen-Rodel Fellows program and as a New Deal Leader.


Lee Harris is an Educator.


Senator Harris is a tenured full professor of law at the University of Memphis Law School. He is believed to be the only African-American to achieve that rank in the history of the Law School and he is the inaugural holder of the Federal Express Professorship in Law. He is the author of two textbooks. An active member of the faculty, Lee also spent a semester starting a legal clinic to give free legal advice and support to small businessmen and women in Memphis.


Lee Harris is a Proud Product of the Memphis City Schools.


He earned his undergraduate degree from Morehouse and his law degree from Yale. More importantly, Senator Harris is a proud product of the Memphis City Schools (Alcy Elem., John P. Freeman Middle, and Overton High). Senator Harris is married to Prof. Alena Allen.  They have two children, Lee Allen Harris (12) and Claudia Harris (9).