Lee Harris Interviews with Local 24 Memphis about Shelby County Mayor Candidacy

Senator Lee Harris made his first television interview regarding his Shelby County Mayor candidacy with Richard Ransom of Local 24 Memphis Wednesday night.

Lee Harris interviews with Local Memphis

Harris touched on a few key issues he hopes to address during his run for Shelby County Mayor, namely, education, poverty, and transit. Education and poverty are my number one and number two issues for the City of Memphis and Shelby County, stated Harris. He continued to highlight his track record of most bills passed by a Democrat in Tennessee's past session, most of which were co-sponsored by Republicans. Harris addressed his opposition and stated he wants to make the race, ultimately, represent the interests of the people on the ground. He hopes to build a county where our children want to stay and other young people want to move. Senator Harris noted the challenges posed by is Republican opposition who announced their candidacy much earlier and have been campaigning for several months.

Via. Local 24 Memphis

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