Commissioners say State Senator Harris will “fight for people” and is “best person for the job.”

MEMPHIS (May 23, 2018) – Most of the Shelby County Board of Commissioners have endorsed Lee Harris for Shelby County Mayor. Shelby County Mayoral Candidate Lee Harris has received the endorsement of seven of 13 County Commissioners, including Willie Brooks, Melvin Burgess, Walter Bailey, Reginald Milton, Van Turner, Justin Ford, and Eddie Jones.

Said Commissioner Van Turner: “I have studied the track record of the candidates and Lee Harris is the best person for the top job in our county. He has established a record of accomplishment and leadership while serving on the city council and in the state senate.”

Said Willie Brooks, Vice Chair of the Education Committee: “I am backing Lee Harris because I believe he will fight for people in need and make sure our communities are not left behind. I believe we have an opportunity to bring real relief to people and move our county forward.”

Said Commissioner Reginald Milton: “Lee Harris believes everyone should have access to healthcare in Shelby County and I do too. One of the ways we can get there is to continue to support the charitable care provided by Regional One. As Chairman of Hospitals and Health, I fully support Lee Harris’ efforts to ensure that our only public hospital, Regional One, stays open and stable and that this important charitable care continues. Lee Harris exemplifies the quality of leadership our county needs right now.”

Said Commissioner Melvin Burgess: “Lee Harris knows that the decline in neighborhoods is one of our community’s most important and complex challenges. He wants to attack blight and that’s something the folks I represent have been talking about for a long time. I think it’s high time we work on expanding the tools County Government can use to remediate blight, which is part of his platform.”

Said State Senator Lee Harris: “I am thrilled to have earned the support of a majority of the Shelby County Commission. I have worked with these Commissioners on many projects when I served on the Memphis City Council and now while serving in the Tennessee State Senate. We serve the same constituents. We share similar values. We all know that it is high time to invest in education and move our community forward.”

To learn more about Lee Harris’ vision for A New Era for Shelby County, please visit www.leeharrisformayor.com/platform.

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About State Senator Lee Harris

In 2014, State Senator Lee Harris was elected to the State Senate, becoming the youngest senator in the state of Tennessee. He also became the first African American Leader in the Tennessee State Senate when democratic senators selected him as Senate Minority Leader. Prior to the 2014 election, Senator Harris served on the Memphis City Council. Senator Harris is also a tenured full professor of law at the University of Memphis Law School. He earned his undergraduate degree from Morehouse and his law degree from Yale. Senator Harris is a proud product of our public schools. He is married to Prof. Alena Allen and, together, they have three children. They live in Midtown Memphis.

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