Immigrants Supporting Lee Harris Form Affinity Group

New Americans for a New Era is an affinity group for immigrants in support of Lee Harris for Shelby County Mayor.

New Americans and naturalized Americans have been made to feel uneasy and insecure in a place we now call our home. Senator Lee Harris has been an unwavering voice for neighborhoods, gun safety, environmental protection, broad anti-discrimination laws, a strong middle class and now he wants to expand his voice to ensure that new Americans in this county have proper representation.

Immigrant led households in this state have paid $1.5 billion in federal taxes and $493.9 million in state and local taxes in 2014, we deserve proper representation! As you know, one of the current campaign themes is “A New Era for Shelby County.” In that vein, we are forming a group, which we will call “New Americans for a New Era.” The first order of business will be to have an informal planning meeting with those who are interested to decide what kind of event we can put together. If you are a new American, or if you are interested in immigration issues, or just want to help the campaign put together this event, please send me an email I will follow-up with anyone who expresses interest and provide further details on the meeting time and place.

Ask yourself, are you ready for change? Come and let your voice be heard at our next meeting.

#NewAmericansforaNewEra #representation #immigrantissues

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